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SpamGone Plugin

June 15th, 2012

  • Want to get rid of all spammy blog comments once and for all?
  • SpamGone eliminates 99% of spam
  • No complicated settings
  • No Captchas or annoying ‘bot tests’ for visitors to fill in
  • Futureproof, will continue to work no matter how smart the spammers get
  • No other plugins required, you can bin every other spam blocking plugin you have, this is the only one you need, it takes care of everything.
  • Download it here

How Does It Work?

Blog spammers usually spam for one reason only.  To leave a link on your blog.  This plugin simply removes the ‘URL’ field from your comments box.

If the spammer tries to send an automated POST request bypassing the comment form and it contains a URL, the plugin will detect it and immediately block the post.

There is also a setting in the plugin that will allow the plugin to block comments containing a URL in the comment body itself.


If you like this plugin and it has helped to block spam.  Donations are really appreciated :) Click the button below

Need Help?

Need any help setting up the plugin? Got a question? Found a bug? I’ll do my best to help you out, just leave a comment below, just don’t try to enter a URL ;)

Welcome to Slothbrains.com

May 21st, 2012

Welcome to slothbrains.com

Possibly the most pointless blog on the internet. Pointless because I’m really not sure what I will be posting here yet.

Expect absolutely nothing!